Your organization has goals and my mission is to help you achieve them in a way that is future thinking, innovative, cost effective and socially conscious. A small budget does not have to equal a small impact. That said, I offer a comprehensive array of marketing, public relations and fundraising services. 

Below is a sampling of the services I offer. Most importantly, my services go beyond items in a list. For me, it is about strategically helping you share your mission and grow your impact in a way that works for you. I am here to help you Be The Good in your industry. My only ask is a positive attitude and willingness to try new things. If you think I can help you reach your goals, then let’s chat

Graphic Design

Polished and professional materials do much more than make your organization “look good.” They allow you to stand above the rest and build a strong brand identity.


Your logo is one of the most, if not the most critical part of your organization’s identity. It should represent who and what you are to the world. 


Your website is a true digital extension of your identity. It should look and think and breath no different than the in person experience. Visitors to your site should walk away feeling like they know your organization.

Social Media

Much like your website, your social media presence is a digital extension of your organization. I am happy to provide coaching on best practices, employee training and social media management to serve your needs.


A great design only gets you so far. To make a lasting impact, you need the stories to match.  I can help you craft your message so that it offers the reader a window into your mission and what sets you apart from the competition.


Whether you are looking to launch a capital campaign, increase the results of your event or annual campaign I am happy to put my years of expertise to work in helping you meet and exceed your nonprofit’s fundraising goals.

Media Relations

Media is one of the most effective ways of getting your brand the recognition it deserves. At the same time, a strategy is imperative to making sure that attention is good attention. I can help you navigate these waters to help your organization shine.

Database Consulting

There are few people in this world that get excited about getting under the hood and cleaning up messy data. I would love to help you tame your data beast so that you can stay focused on sharing your mission.

database consulting

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