It’s About Being The Good

One day while shopping at a local store, I looked up and noticed a sign on the wall. It read, “Believe There Is Good In The World, BE THE GOOD.” Hmmm, I thought. What if? What if we just did that? And, what if we applied it everywhere — not just in our personal lives, but in our professional lives as well?

Most people refer to this school of thought as social responsibility or socially conscious business practices. Often, people think of it as a marketing tactic. After all, growing evidence reflects that consumers pay close attention to companies’ social responsibility culture when selecting where to spend money. A recent study by Oxford University, cited in Forbes magazine, found that more than 80 percent of investors consider an organization’s environmental, social and governance major factors when making decisions. BUT, I believe that social responsibility is bigger than a marketing tactic. For these practices to truly work, organizations need to shift the focus from the bottom line to mission driven approaches and foundations in social responsibility.

And so, much like a dandelion shedding its seeds to grow bright, cheerful flowers, the concept behind Be The Good Consulting began to grow out of my desire to create a new way of doing the important work of marketing, fundraising and public relations. There is (I promise) a way to shift the narrative so that we get back to focusing on our missions and doing good in the world. Ultimately, organizations that embrace this mind shift and stay along for the ride will see long term sustainable success.

What does all this mean for me?

You may ask, what does this mean for me and my business? Or, maybe you run a nonprofit and think, “FINALLY!” Regardless of the industry, we all have the ability to believe there is good in the world and to Be The Good. Maybe you are already there and just aren’t celebrating it? Perhaps it will be a little more difficult to shift your way of thinking and that of your staff. However, ultimately, this approach leads to happier work environments, increased productivity and in the words of my college choir director, “warm and fuzzies” that just make you feel good. And, guess what, along the way you are making a difference an becoming a part of the good in the world.

Let’s get started with a few ideas…

  • Do you own a restaurant? Donate your leftovers at the end of the night to a shelter or food pantry.
  • Are you running a professional office? Consider offering your staff time during business hours to volunteer at a local nonprofit.
  • What benefits do you offer your staff? Do you help employees with young children in their efforts to raise them to be leaders of tomorrow? Do you encourage employees to put their families first?
  • What about recycling? Do you make sure your employees are able to recycle bottles and paper in the office?
  • Who do you choose to work with? Have you considered hiring vendors that support the local economy or employ people trying to better their lives?
  • What happens when there is a natural disaster? Do you step up and do your part? Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial last year that had me in tears. The really awesome part? Budweiser has been donating drinking water to communities facing natural disasters for over 30 years and just recently used it in a marketing campaign.

Your organization can share your mission and grow your impact in an innovative and cost effective way WHILE embracing social responsibility. Also, for the record, a small budget does not have to equal a small impact.

If you would like to chat about these ideas or how social responsibility can apply to your organization while helping you reach your goals, please send me a message and we can meet over coffee (or my favorite, chai latte). In the mean time, continue to be the good.

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Anna Patty

Anna is a Fundraising Consultant, Graphic/Web Designer, Marketing Strategist, Media Relations Professional and Event Planner. Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa with degrees in Journalism and Spanish and has spent over a decade creating strategic and cost-effective strategies for organizations looking to grow their missions. She and her husband, Sean, have four very energetic kids, two boys and two girls.

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